The Owners

Owners Preserve Antique Farm Memorabilia

Hazel Zimmerman shared the passion of collecting memorabilia that portrays early ag life along with her late husband Everett. They also shared a passion for sharing this collection and invite you to visit their park.

When Everett was semi-retired from farming, he began visiting area farmers and attending farm auctions all over the state, acquiring an extraordinary display of a wide variety of farming implements from the 1800's into the mid-1960's.  Hazel was also involved in collecting the display and stays active caring for the park today.

Everett and Hazel came by this passion naturally, both native to ag life. Born and raised on the farm, Everett and Hazel continued the ag life through their married life, raising their three children on the family farm.

Hazel invites you to visit Ag Heritage Park soon, and share her ag life passion.