Still Time To Visit
"Painted Quilts Across The Flint Hills"
Open Through April 30

Barn quilters Jessica Wyrill and daughter, Lexi,
Cindy Zimmerman and Hazel Zimmerman
toured “Painted Barn Quilts Across the Flint Hills”
at the Great Overland Station on St. Patrick’s Day.
Connie Larson enjoyed sharing the exhibit by the
Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail with the avid barn quilters.
Jessica is active with the North Central/Northwest
barn quilt trails and Cindy and Hazel are
both barn quilt painters.
The family museum and park, Ag Heritage Park, Alta Vista,
is an exhibitor with antique farm artifacts
complementing the display.

The exhibit is open through April 30,
Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m., and takes visitors on atour
of barn quilts through the Flint Hills,
as well as featuring quilts that
complement the art form.

Located at The Great Overland Station
701 N Kansas Ave, Topeka KS 66610

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